Procore to TSheets Integration

  • How the integration will improve the way you work
  • The simple setup process
  • The cost (investment in efficiency)
  • The next steps

What the integration does?

Procore TSheets Integration

Improving the way you work

No-one has much time to spend working on their business when their daily to-do list is overflowing. This is why we’re excited that you’re looking to the future savings to your business in terms of overhead and efficiency.

Time Kiosk

Set up a tablet so you can have employees and seasonal workers clock-in and clock-out through your digital punch clock.

GPS Time Tracking & Who’s Working View

Set up privacy-first GPS tracking for staff so you can see where they are, when they clocked-on and where they’ve been during work hours.


Set up a “fence” around your job site so their TSheets mobile app will remind them to clock-in and clock-out.

Break Tracking, Overtime, Leave Tracking

If you find yourself doing workarounds to account for breaks, manage overtime rules or keep track of leave, using TSheets will make this an easier process.

Connect to your payroll provider

Have your timesheets & project costs synced to your accounting/payroll system — your finance team will love you!



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